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Over the weekend, reports began to surface that Anthem was causing issues on PS4. EA Games has admitted that there is a problem and they’re asking players for help.

Anthem‘s troubled launch seems to be going from bad to worse as reports have indicated that the game is causing some PS4 consoles to shut down and in some cases, never start up again. This issue has caused many players to contact Sony for a refund, some of which have been granted – no questions asked.

Now, it seems EA Games has piped up admitting that yes, Anthem is causing an issue on PS4, and they’re hoping players can offer some help with the problem by providing crash data reports.

Interestingly, they haven’t said whether they’ve found the issue, which suggests that this issue may persist for a little while longer until Bioware have found the problem causing the crash.

Over on the EA Support Page, over 300 players have reported this problem at the time of writing. Several comments are also reporting that the console struggles to come back on with various notices about memory errors.

It seems Anthem‘s launch woes just won’t go away. Following a poor VIP demo, a staggered launch where those who paid extra experienced a game full of bugs and issues, and overall reviews which, according to Metacritic, has given Anthem Bioware’s lowest score ever – yes, lower than Mass Effect Andromeda.

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