Apex Legends Character Still

Apex Legends has fully replaced Fortnite as everyone’s favorite Battle Royale, beating Epic’s Goliath title to the Twitch viewership crown.

Yup, that’s right. Apex legends has beaten Fortnite. Those dances can’t save you now. What’s sure to hurt Epic more, is that their streak had lasted 11 months, meaning that Apex has stopped Fortnite one month short of a whole year at the top.

GitHyp reports that Apex Legends peaked at 670k viewers, pipping Fortnite to the post, with a measly 615k viewers. This relegated Fortnite to 3rd place this month, behind League of Legends. Whats more, these figures maintained for the whole month, with Apex pulling an average of 212k Viewers an hour compared to Fortnite’s 126k.

Don’t uninstall yet though, as it seems that the interest in Apex might well be dropping, with a current drop of 41% relegating Apex to third place for March, behind both Fortnite and League of Legends. We’ll see what the highly anticipated Battle Pass does for viewership figures. I have a feeling they’re going to shoot back up again.

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