Free to play Titanfall battle royal spin-off Apex Legends has surpassed the 50 million player milestone, within a month of its initial launch; 28 days to be exact.

The achievement was easy to predict really since the game broke the 25 million user mark after less than a week after being releasedRespawn broke the news via their official YouTube channel, thanking the players through some impressive stats and inspiring moments.

Also unsurprisingly, this feat breaks the record for the largest player base growth within a month of launch, which was previously held by fellow battle royal title and clear influence, FortniteFor comparison, Epic Games’ effort took over three times as long to reach the same figure.

Of course, Apex Legends is now benefitting from the massive success of Fortnite, which popularised the format and now has many influencers exploring the new title. The former’s first Battle Pass is set to be released later this month, giving Respawn the chance to finally capitalize on this massive fanbase.

Apex Legends Bloodhound Screenshot

As the games’ popularity continues to grow, its influence is becoming more and more apparent in other titles, as a ping-like communication system was introduced to Fortnite Season 8. Apex Legends still has a way to go to catch its rival though, needing to reach 200 million players to claim a victory royale.

Hopefully, the competition will bring out the best and most innovation out of the two developers, making the community the real winners here.

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