Apex Legends can’t avoid the leak train this week, as a new set of leaks point towards the potential for NPC’s, as well as new weapons and abilities. There’s even talk of hoverbikes. Good grief.

rumors are landing faster than Aaron dies in a round it seems, with a whole host of new leaks being shared through Twitter user RealApexLeaks, who has been keeping fans in the loop with content pulled straight from the game’s codebase. Obviously, because something is in the code doesn’t mean it’s going to see the light of day, but it does make it a lot closer to doing so than most ideas.

Starting with the NPC’s, there’s a chance that the code is left over from Titanfall 2, however, this wouldn’t be the first time that a battle royale title introduced NPC’s to change up the game. According to this information, the NPC’s can be included in “Fireteams” meaning that if they are implemented, they might have a bit more wit about them than the standard rabble we’ve seen in other titles. Cough Fortnite.

The code references Goliath, Flyer, Spider, Prowler, Soldier, Spectre, Stalker, Pilot, and Pilot Elite NPC’s. There are then other lines of code that allow these NPC’s to perform actions, such as firing weapons, and performing/being executed. These all sound like player commands, so could these NPC’s be being added to fill space in servers? Hopefully not.

Now here’s where things start to get interesting. There is a mention of NPC’s being “Rodeoed” which is, of course, a term and mechanic straight from the Titanfall universe. Apparently, this is actually a code-word for a hoverbike. While this seems to be a little far fetched, I’m sure some players would appreciate the ability to travel the map faster.

Of course, Respawn has never written off the possibility of titans coming to Apex legends, so perhaps some NPC titans could be included? just a thought.

More likely, is the talk of new weapons and abilities coming to the title. Here, we have mention of a flamethrower. Another evil weapon that I would love to see in the title. Another mention is that of “night matches”, implying that we could see some variation in the time of day. Honestly, this would be an incredible inclusion, although it might have that PUBG effect of people leaving as soon as they see rain…

On the topic of abilities, a “remote turret” has been spotted in the code, which would well be an ultimate ability for an upcoming hero. Lastly, events could be coming to Apex Legends, with a mention of a “Community Happy Hour”, which could be an event offering additional XP, or perhaps making everywhere a high tier loot area. Happy days.

So what do you think? Would NPC’s be a good addition to Apex Legends? Is the hoverbike a load of garbage? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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