Baptiste, the latest character to join the Overwatch roster, will be leaving the PTR next week and will be available for everyone.

Overwatch has been out for nearly 3 years and still Jeff Kaplan and his team at Blizzard are giving exceptional support to this game. It has now been confirmed that Baptiste, the Haitian combat medic, will make his Overwatch debut next Tuesday on all platforms.

For those of you that solely play competitive, you’ll have to wait another week before he is live on that mode.

Baptiste will be a support class hero and will bump the roster up to 30 characters. He dons a three-round burst Biotic launcher that can launch healing grenades and a regenerative heal-over-time ability for himself and nearby allies.

One of the most powerful ones is his Immortality Field which will create a field that will stop allies from dying. This is on top of his ultimate ability which will up allies healing and damage effectiveness.

You can check Baptiste currently on PC on the PTR or wait until the official release on all platforms on 19 March.

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