Beyond Hollywood Docuseries Culture Trip

Culture Trip’s latest series, aptly named Beyond Hollywood, aims to explore some of the world’s booming creative hubs outside the glitz and glamour of LA.

Let’s face it, most of Western cinema, or at least big blockbusters, are churned out of Hollywood, but there’s more to the world of cinema than what comes out of LA and London, and Culture Trip’s Beyond Hollywood series hopes to explore that.

“Designed for the culturally curious audience,” explains Culture Trip in a press release, this new series will head further east, to shed light on lesser-known creative hubs such as those found in Scandinavia, Hong Kong, Pakistan, and Ghana.

Featuring eight episodes, Culture Trip’s Film Editor, Cassam Looch, takes a deep dive into these cultures and the creativity and stars behind some of these areas. It’s definitely an eye-opening experience that I’d definitely recommend taking a look at.

The first episode can be seen here, where Looch heads to Pakistan to explore how Karachi his breaking away from the Bollywood scene to become its own part of the Indian film industry.

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