Remedy Entertainment and 505 games have unveiled a new trailer for Control as well as announcing that pre-orders are now open.

There is a variety of pre-order bonuses as well, including two exclusive in-game items. However, if you order on PlayStation 4, you get preferential treatment and get a few extra goodies which include two themes for your PS4 home, the Rare Service weapon, and the Astral Dive Suit.

There is also a digital and retail copies of Control available. The retail one comes with “FuturePak Exclusive Metal Packaging” and limited edition art cards and the digital copy will have an extra side mission called “Isolation” and the Urban Response Gear outfit. It will also come with expansion packs, AWE, and the Foundation, which will come after launch providing more content.

Moving briefly onto the gameplay trailer. It shows over a minute and a half of gameplay and the central character in which you play as. It shows some of the supernatural powers your character possesses such as flight and moving objects with your hands without touching them. On top of this, it shows a glimpse into weapon crafting and the types of weapons in this game.

Overall Control looks like it will be interesting. Playing with powers is always fun right?

Control will be released on August 27.

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