With the release of Days Gone fast approaching, Bend Studio has released another story trailer – this one even more thrilling, breath-taking and intense than the last.

It’s interesting to see Deacon change from a character who went from looking like a typical Daryl-Dixon-Wannabe to one that’s been slowly revealing bits of his story with every trailer.

In this all new look at his journey, we get more hints about what exactly happened to Sarah and what his life has been like since they were ripped apart. Throwing in scenes of violence and general badassery from earlier trailers gives a whole new perspective, showing that Deacon won’t just be another bad boy on wheels.

Throughout the 2 minute trailer, the characters beg the question – what do you fight for when you’ve got no one left? Days Gone is shaping up to look like a really amazing game – hopefully, one that can stand with the likes of The Last of Us or at least make it into the ballpark. It’s been a while since we’ve had an epic zombie game that’s as fun as it is unique.

Available for pre-order, Days Gone is being released April 26th on PS4! Have you seen the trailer? Check it out down below and tell us if you’re hyped for this last post-apocalyptic story!

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