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SIE Bend Studio has revealed to fans over on Twitter that their PlayStation exclusive zombie survival title Days Gone has officially gone gold!

They celebrated this milestone achievement with a picture of the whole development team together captioned: “Our team has done it! #Days Gone has gone gold! It’s been quite the ride and we can’t wait for you to experience our game on April 26”

This next PlayStation exclusive, releasing next month, will see protagonist biker Deacon St John attempting to return home in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and will feature roughly 6 hours of story cutscenes. The studio has also recently confirmed that post-launch DLC will follow shortly after, although details are currently under wraps.

You will travel a vast open world and explore diverse, environmental landscapes whilst running from the ever-looming threat of an infected horde of zombies. Though zombies won’t be the only interesting grizzlies you’ll face as you can find a mixture of struggles to overcome in the form of human survivors, wildlife threats and obscure infected to escape from. Watch a ravenous horde of infected hunt you down in an intense escape for survival right here.

Days Gone will release exclusively for PS4 on April 26, 2019.

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