Devil May Cry 5

Capcom has unleashed a thrilling and emotional final trailer for Devil May Cry 5, ahead of its release, and it has a few spoilers in it – you have been warned.

The trailer goes through a journey of each of the three characters you play as, as well as showcasing your team of allies (Trish and Lady) and a better look at the primary antagonist of the game.

After years Devil May Cry fans all over the world begging for a sequel, we finally have the next installment launching in a few days time. We’ll finally be able to to wield Dante’s sword of redemption, Nero’s many automised ‘Iron Man’ arms and new character to the franchise, simply named ‘V’ with his book of tomes to magically lay waste to a horde otherworldly demons.

Though beware! This final trailer will leave little left to the imagination as it pretty much shows off a fair amount of spoilers and an unannounced face to the franchise…

The game’s graphical fidelity truly shines in this trailer as the studio continues to use their new ‘RE Engine’ to it’s full potential. The stylish, action hack and slash adventure continues to impress me with it’s incredible attention to detail and a sequel to the series that really looks like it’s now ready after all those years to come back and continue shine.

Watch the final trailer for Devil May Cry 5 below:

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Devil May Cry 5 will release on PS4, Xbox One & PC on March 8, 2019.

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