Divinity’s set to return! Larian Studios have announced and dropped the trailer for their new game, titled Divinity: Fallen Heroes.

Morphing from its popular isometric role-playing stylings, Divinity: Fallen Heroes is set to be a 30-hour tactics game. Naturally, Larian Studios have been quick to assure fans that the narrative focus that the Divinity series has made its draw over the years is set to return. Though if you had any doubt, remember Divinity: Dragon Commander also had an amazing narrative focus. Larian Studios kinda know what they’re doing at this point.

Fallen Heroes is set to continue the Divinity storyline and act as a continuation of the Divinity: Original Sin 2 storyline. Players will be in command of a team known as the Suicide Squad… no, wait, wrong thing. The Apocalypse Squad, that’s one. Your crew of reprobates (total assumption, you can play how you want) will travel the world in an airship dubbed the Lady Vengeance, as you do battle with a plethora of neer-do-wells. Longtime Divinity fans will be pleased to hear that your favorite characters are set to return, such as Fane, Ifan, Red Emperor, Beast, Lohse, and Sebille. Divinity: Fallen Heroes is also set to introduce firearms and will have a revised combat system.

Co-op has been a staple of the Divinity series, at least in the Original Sin games, so fans will be pleased that it’s set to continue in the new game. Larian Studios have dubbed it “simultaneous co-op gameplay”, stating that two players will be able “to take turns and combine abilities at the same time.”. The new system is set to be demonstrated at PAX East.

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Not convinced? Well, you’re still going to have a ridiculous tech tree to level through, as well as varying tile sets that’ll feature different elements to make you think about how you’re moving through the area.

While no release date has been dropped yet, Divinity: Fallen Heroes is set to be released on multiple platforms later on in the year,

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