Paramount has unveiled the first teaser trailer and poster for the upcoming Dora The Explora movie, aptly titled, Dora and the Lost City of Gold. Let’s start this off by saying yes. Yes, this is a live action movie of Dora the Explorer. Crazy right? What will they think of next?

Now for those of you that don’t know, Dora ran on Nick Jr. for 6 years at the beginning of the millennium making it one of the longest running shows on the channel. It followed Dora and her monkey friend and was incredibly annoying for anyone above the age of 10 to watch.

Fast forward 13 years from when it finished, she is rebooted in a live action film, a little bit older and has a little bit more… errr….  knife-wielding? It looks as if it has mixed parts of Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones, and the new Jumanji and pushed all of it together. It follows Dora’s life from the jungle and thrusting her into school life. Before long, she and her schoolmates are kidnapped and end up on a search for her parents.

Dora will be played by Isabela Moner from Modern Family and will include other names including Michael Peña, Eva Longoria and the voices of Benicio Del Toro and Danny Trejo.

It will be released in cinemas on the 16 August. Maybe one for the kids to watch.

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