So word on the street is that EA Access is finally making its way over to the PlayStation 4 as the service was spotted over on the PlayStation Store down in sunny Brazil it seems thanks to an image that’s popped up on the front page of the internet: Reddit.

The online service was previously an Xbox exclusive subscription which provided players with free access to many titles as well as discounts on many of the games in the EA library and even early access to new releases. Some such titles affected by these perks are; Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, and the FIFA franchise as a whole.


Sony had originally rejected EA Access on the PlayStation Store as they believed it wasn’t worth the money. Though it seems that the leaked image suggests Sony have swallowed their pride and finally taken to the idea.

If the image is to be believed then we could see EA Access going live on the PlayStation Store 5 years after the original statement. This seems like a pretty smart move especially since the PlayStation 4 has sold close to 100 million units since its release.

Do you believe that the image is to be believed or is it just a really clever hoax?

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