Codemasters have released a launch trailer for F1 2019which is short and sweet. It also confirms that it will have an earlier release date of 26 June, two months earlier than their normal F1 games release. At the end of the trailer, a silhouetted car which looks to be an F2 car is also shown.

Codemasters have been making the F1 games for a few years now and I must admit I buy them every year and enjoy them every year. They’re a solid game and an even more respectable F1 simulator and one for any F1 fans to have. F1 2019 has been in development for two years, citing that this is their most ambitious F1 title to date and will also feature new modes that fans have requested for a while.

The Birmingham-based studios normally release the F1 games some when in August but are moving forward this years game release to June. This means it will be released during the Austrian Grand Prix weekend, ahead of the British and German ones.

I mean I’m excited for the game and I’m going to buy it (as I do every year), and if F2 is part of it I will be a happy man. Remember to put 26 June in your racing calendar as that is when F1 2019 will be released.


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