Devils Due has created a love letter to 80s beat ’em up games with Final Street, but does it kick butt, or does it K.O itself before the first bell rings?

Well, I’ll be straight, it certainly survives the first round. The look and feel of the artwork by Brian Atkins perfectly capture the 80s dystopian street vibe that you see in things like Steet of Rage or Burn the Orphanage.

The plot written by Scott Schmidt, like the genre of videogames that it emulates, is straight forward and linear as you follow two best friend Martial Artists kicking and punching their way through the mean streets to save their best friend.

The fight scenes are well drawn as the angles and positioning of the hand to hand to combat look and feel natural and are clear to follow. Though you do have a few panels where the strikes feel a little phony and resemble the choreography of an episode of Star Trek.

With the first issue pretending to be the first level of a video game, you do get a filling helping of a comic book, however, it just feels like Final Street could’ve offered a little bit more with the concept, where the writers add their own twist to the familiar format they’re writing a love letter to. That being said, you do get the hints that this will happen in later issues, so I look forward to that.

Summing up, Final Street #1 is a good comic, so if you like Burn the Orphanage or The Street Fighter comics you’re in for a treat. For those who haven’t read those comics, you’ll also be in for a treat as the story at least draws you in with good fight to boot.

If you do think that this issue kicks butt. Issue 2 will be heading to Kickstarter Mid-March. To keep up to date, check out their Instagram page. You can also purchase Final Street #1 via Devils Due’s website.

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