With the aerial ass which was the X4-Stormwing finding its way into the infamous Fortnite vault with the turn of the Season, it was a matter of time before something else was rolled out in its place. Quite literally in this case.

The Baller, *insert long sigh noise*, is the latest arrival to Fortnite and is very reminiscent of the Gyrosphere from Jurassic World. Though unlike the Dino-Tour mobile, the Baller is fitted with the on-again/off-again Grappler, meaning that this vehicle is going to be flinging all over the place.

Not a huge amount is known about this other than its plunger styled attachment. It doesn’t appear to allow the use of weaponry, unlike other vehicles which would allow the driver/passenger to pop off a cheeky shot or two as you whip on by.

On top of all this, data miner lucas7yoshi_ has been at it again and found what appears to be a charger for the spherical speedster. See what he had to say here.

I’m looking forward to throwing on Rolling (Air Raid Siren) by Limp Bizkit once I finally get my virtual ass into one of these. Anyone else looking forward to the Baller? Would you prefer to be taking to the skies still with the Stormwing?

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