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The Batman of tomorrow leapt onto our screens during the late 90s as he did battle with the crooks of the future. Along the way, he gained a cult following which lead to the revival of the franchise almost a decade later.

Though if you lived in the UK, you’re probably wondering what the heck is Batman Beyond as the franchise was known as Batman of the Future in the UK and certain other regions. The show started off several decades after Bruce Timms’ animated series from the 90s and saw an elderly Bruce Wayne pass over the cowl to a reformed street thug called Terry McGinnis.

The show ran for three seasons and even spawned a straight-to-video movie during its initial run. Years later DC resurrected the character in comic book form and over the years a whole bunch of different volumes have been produced. The high tech Batsuit Terry wore is a welcome alternate skin in a videogame like the Scarlet Spider costume in a Spider-man game.

Tim Drake was briefly Batman Beyond

During the Futures End story of the New 52, some dark and gritty shenanigans went down which lead to Terry going back in time to roughly fives years ahead of the current time period the New 52 was set in.

Things went south and Terry was killed leading to a reclusive and bitter Tim Drake to take on the role. The change was short-lived after the company-wide re-launch of all titles which gave Terry back the mantle.

The first appearance of the Justice League in the DC Animated Universe

Before the DCAU premiered it’s all elite superhero team the first appearance was in a two-parter in the future where Superman and his team of 2nd or 3rd generation heroes needed the help of Batman to fight some crime.

The show crossed over with Justice League and Static Shock

After the show went off the air, Terry made a couple of more appearances in the DCAU as he teamed with Static in a time travelling adventure and helped the Justice League during a time travelling crisis too.

Terry is kind-of a clone of Bruce Wayne

Amanda Waller the lady behind the Suicide Squad (known as Task Force X in the DCAU) thought the world would always need a Batman. With Bruce getting older, she took drastic action. She selected Terry’s would be parents to sire the next Batman. She stole some of Bruce’s DNA and had it injected in Terry’s father and this lead to his wife conceiving Terry, a clone of Bruce Wayne.

Waller even arranged for Phantasm an old foe/friend of Batman to kill Terry’s parents to inspire him on a path to fighting crime, though Phantasm couldn’t go through with it. Bet you didn’t see that coming right?

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