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Over the years the Batgirl mantle has been passed around a whole bunch of different characters the common theme that brings them together is they share Batman’s sense of Justice and love of capes and pointed ears.

Just like the Boy Wonder, Batgirl is another staple in the world of Batman, proving herself time and time again that she can be a useful asset to the Dark Knight.

Like Robin, Batgirl suffered a bit of a black eye thanks to the infamous franchise killer, Batman and Robin, however, it hasn’t stopped the character from supporting her own solo series and appearing videogames like Injustice. When I think of Batgirl, I think of four people who have taken on the role and have at least one interesting fact attached to them.

Barbara Gordon was crippled by The Joker

The Killing Joke by Alan Moore is seen as a popular Batman story, despite retroactive criticism from onlookers and Alan Moore alike. Perhaps one of it’s most infamous moments is when The Joker pays a visit to Barbara Gordon and shots her, the injury leaving her in a wheelchair. However, Barbara did bounce back and became Oracle, a supercomputer genius supporting Batman and the hero community alike and then during the New 52 a retcon was introduced that let her walk again.

Stephanie Brown is the only character in the mainstream to be Batgirl and Robin

Though Stephanie had a brief run as Batgirl which was cut short by the New 52 re-launch that shelved the character for a few years she did indeed assume the role of Batgirl. Prior to that, she was even Robin but was fired by Batman as he was unimpressed with her performance. Of course, some over characters hold a similar record but they come from an alternate reality.

Stephanie Brown's Batgirl

Cassie Cain was never taught how to read and write

It’s a sure bet that David Cain, the father of Cassie will not a dad of the year award. Simply because she was raised to be a killing machine. To help her retain her deadly hand to hand combat training, she wasn’t taught how to read or write, something she has aspired to learn whilst she assumed the role of Batgirl.

Huntress has had a stint as Batgirl

Short but sweet but the lethal vigilante borrowed the role during the No Man’s Land storyline, a tale where Gotham was abandoned by the world after a plague and an earthquake. Eventually, the role was given to Cassie. Though if you are interested, Huntress had her backstory altered in the New 52 as it was revealed she was from a parallel Earth (Earth 2 to be exact) where she was Batman’s daughter and had actually been Robin.

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