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Robin has been watching Batman’s back for nearly 80 years through the highs and the lows. Along the way, we’ve seen a whole bunch of different teenage wonders take up the mantle as Batman’s apprentice.

Each lad that’s come to the role has added his own unique flavor to the character. Of course over the years it’s not always been a boy that’s worn the mask, with girls taking on the role in stories that are now a part of out of date continuity or have taken part in different timelines.

Focusing on the three surrogate sons of Batman and of course the Robin of direct lineage, each one has a unique and hopefully interesting fact attached to them. Beginning with the original sidekick, Dick Grayson followed by the black sheep of the clan, Jason Todd, the clever clogs, Tim Drake, and the problem child Damian Wayne.

Dick Grayson got his Nightwing persona from Superman

When Dick Grayson, the first Robin, had a massive falling out with Batman, he took some time to ‘find himself’ and work out his place in the world. After an adventure in Metropolis with Superman, the Blue Boy Scout regaled him with a story about a duo of superheroes from Krypton called Flamebird and Nightwing. It was then when Dick Grayson discovered his new superhero alias.

Jason Todd was supposed to stay dead

It was fair to say that Jason Todd had a tough act to follow after Dick Grayson left the mantle of Robin. The character of Jason was a polarising one with his grumpy teen hero act not going over with everyone. DC then had the brainwave to put it to a public vote to if the publisher should kill Robin off.

The vote was very close with people wanting him to be killed winning narrowly. The plan was to kill this unpopular Boy Wonder with no plans to return. Though this was reversed in the mid-2000s when it turned out Jason Todd had risen from the grave.

Tim Drake deduced Batman’s identity

With Jason dead and Robin gone, a young clever lad named Tim Drake decided that Batman needed a Robin as he felt the Dark Knight had been lead down on a dark and bitter path after the death of Robin.

With some clever sleuthing, Tim deduced Bruce Wayne was Batman and eventually took up the role as Robin. Clever.

Damian Wayne is related to a Batman villain

Damian Wayne is the spawn of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul, the daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul, a sworn enemy of Batman. Part superhero and part scheming genius Damian carries the mantle of Robin presently and leads his own team of Teen Titans.

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