We know that a new Dune film with a star-studded cast is scheduled to hit theaters in 2020. In turn, Funcom has just announced that it will be partnering up with Legendary Pictures to produce new videogames set within the universe of Dune.

The six-year partnership expects to release at least three new videogames based on the series, if not more, for PCs and consoles. The first game will be an open-world multiplayer game set to enter pre-production this year. There has not been any word yet on what the other planned games will consist of.

It will be interesting to see how both the upcoming film and the upcoming games will do. There hasn’t been a videogame based on the franchise since 2001, released just after SyFy aired its Dune miniseries. On top of the normal pressure studios are put under to create a good game, there is some additional pressure: Dune II in 1992 made gaming history by introducing the first modern real-time strategy system, credited with creating many conventions in modern real-time strategy videogames. Whether these new Dune games will have as much of an effect on the gaming industry as a whole as the 1992 game did is, of course, yet to be seen.

Although there was no estimated release date given for any of the upcoming Dune games, our guess is that we’ll get at least one near November 20, 2020, the release date for the new Dune film.

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