After drip-feeding single on-set photos. After article after article about the actor’s and actress’ final day of shooting and the emotions they felt. After making all of us wait an entire extra YEAR, we finally have actual footage from Game of Thrones Season 8.

HBO has been extremely tight-lipped regarding this final season, and in a world riddled with spoilers and leaks, who could blame them? It’s nothing new that Game of Thrones is one of the greatest things to happen to television, but the wait has been absolutely terrible, only amplified by the fact that they took a year off for production purposes. While we still have about a month to go, we at least finally have our first true look at what to expect from this final season, and holy shit, Winter has arrived.

From what we can tell, the trailer seems to take most of its new content from one or two of the remaining 6 episodes slated for this season. The primary focus of this trailer is to remind us that the final battle for humanity is finally here, and everyone’s fate hangs in the balance. Personally, one of the most worrisome things to me was actually seeing Arya seem scared; an emotion she probably hasn’t felt in quite some time.

The trailer opens with her hiding for a moment before running down one of the halls of Winterfell, seemingly being chased by something, a Whitewalker most likely. Instantly, as a viewer, your first thought is “holy shit, they made it inside Winterfell!?”.

Game of Thrones Season 8 still

The biggest aspect of this season is the 55-night shoot they did to create the largest battle ever created in television and movie history. It was recently hinted that this battle is in fact, the Battle of Winterfell, and judging by the trailer, every single character we care about is there for it. What’s more worrisome is the shot near the end that shows Cersei sitting in the throne room completely alone.

I shudder to think that she will be one of the few left standing after the snow settles, but this is Game of Thrones after all, and the bad guys generally come out on top. It would be bittersweet, however, to think that IF she is the “last man standing” that she be left to rule over nothing but corpses.

There is a LOT to unpack in this trailer and fans can finally start theorizing what it all could mean. Be sure to check out the trailer for yourself below, and check back with us as more information regarding Game of Thrones final season is uncovered!

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