Gearbox has been teasing more announcements for its panel at PAX East later this month, the latest being something Penn & Teller-related.

First, we had a tease which many are thinking is a Borderlands 3 announcement. This was followed by another teaser which many have speculated is a Borderlands release on Nintendo Switch. Oh, and then there was another which looks like some sort of content for We Happy Few.

Finally, this weekend Gearbox teased another title with the image of an ampersand, an ampersand which many has spotted looks a lot like the one used in Penn & Teller’s VR title.

Others have speculated that the ampersand has something to do with Brothers in Arms or We Happy Few as Gearbox’s bio includes an ampersand before the two titles – though I personally think this is a bit of a reach.

Simply put though, Gearbox has a lot up its sleeves for PAX East this year, so stay tuned for more!


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