Borderlands might be making a comeback, with Borderlands 3, at least if a tease from Gearbox is anything to go by.

It looks like we might be hearing about a third entry into the series sooner than we thought Gearbox has shared a not-so-cryptic tease Over on Twitter.

Of course, March 28 in Boston, MA is, of course, PAX East, so it’s likely that the company has something to announce at the event. Why do we think it’s Borderlands 3? Well look in the top right, “Exit 3”.

It’s a reach, but at the same time, the art style of the image shared also has a very Borderlands feel about it. I guess we’ll have to wait until the end of the month when Gearbox officially unveils whatever they’re teasing.

Gearbox has been teasing Borderlands 3 as far back as 2015 when they revealed that it is happening, but not for a while. This was then confirmed again in 2016. Things have however remained quiet ever since.

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