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Gearbox Software’s been teasing so hard, their Twitter feed of the last few days feels like a visit to the strip club. We’ve already reported on their weird ampersand and pixely Borderlands tweet, now they appear to have even more on offer for PAX East.

Following their creed of “Time to tease another game for PAX” Gearbox has posted a screencap straight out of Bulletstorm featuring the characters Ishi Sato and… Duke Nukem. If you ain’t up on things and don’t know why Duke Nukem is in Bulletstorm, it’s because of reasons.

But what does this boil down to? Will we get another Duke Nukem game? A new Bulletstorm? Maybe a port on a hot new handheld gaming platform, such as the Nokia N-Gage?

PAX East will be kicking off March 28 and we’ll see if Gearbox still deems the Duke commercially viable or if Bulletstorm’s Full Clip Edition really was a harbinger of bigger things to come. I, for one, would be excited about either or both.

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