Google Controller Mock Up

This weekend a handful of patents surfaced for features coming to a controller designed by Google, and thanks to one designer, their mock-ups have taken the web by storm.

At GDC later this month, Google is rumored to be revealing more information on Project Stream, which was unveiled earlier this year allowing players to stream Assassin’s Creed Odyssey via their web browser. One of those rumors suggests that Google plans to reveal its own standalone console to make the most of this cloud-powered service.

The patent is actually for an interesting notification system specific to the controller which uses a combination of lights and sounds to alert players to different notifications such as when a game is available, when they’ve received messages, and when they have a chance at a leaderboard spot.

While this system seems interesting, the patents also had diagrams of the controller which designer Sarang Sheth has used to mock up their own renders of the controller and it looks… uncomfortable.

It’s actually very reminiscent of the controller for the OUYA, the Android-powered console which caused way more controversy than it should have, and eventually died. Whether that’s a good thing, or not is another talking point.

Check out some of the mock-ups below, and head here for a closer look.

Google Controller Mock Up Google Controller Mock Up

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