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The team at 343 is looking to reinvigorate the series with Halo Infinite and looking to treat this next installment as a “spiritual reboot”.

During an interview with IGN, 343 head, Bonnie Ross, discussed the importance of the Halo franchise and its significance within the studio. During this interview, it was also revealed that at one time, Halo 4 almost went to Gearbox.

For starters, Halo Infinite director Chris Lee will be revealing a lot more information regarding the upcoming title during E3 2019. Ross emphasized the importance of the franchise within the studio and said that the team was hoping to recapture what makes Halo such a unique IP.

The studio is looking to use Halo Infinite as a “spiritual reboot” for the franchise. By taking what they learned from Halo 4’s shit multiplayer and combining that with the poorly received Halo 5 campaign, Halo Infinite will apparently build on both, delivering an uncompromising complete entry within the Halo universe.

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Another big advancement for this new entry is the new and improved engine it was built in. The Slipspace Engine, which debuted with the reveal of Infinite last year, has been a long time coming according to Ross. After using the same engine for almost 19 years, it was time to make a change, in order to adapt to the never-ending growth of the industry.

“The Halo engine is a very technical, engineering-focused engine. It’s super hard for creatives to work in. It’s super hard for a lot of creatives to work in at one time,” Ross stated.

She continued by saying, “We promised the team that we would do the work on the tools and pipeline for Halo 5 so it wasn’t such a challenging environment to develop on. Best-laid plans … we didn’t do that. The team, rightfully so, called us on it.”

With the obviously dated tech being used to make Halo 4 and 5, it was clear to Ross that if the Halo franchise was going to survive, it would need to do so within an entirely new, updated engine. This new engine was built with that ambition in mind, to not only give fans newer, better-looking graphics and gameplay but to simultaneously set up 343 with an engine that could take the franchise in exciting new directions going forward.

While much of what Ross said regarding the upcoming title was vague, we can look forward to seeing the newest Halo entry come out in full force this June during E3.

For those interested, you can see the full interview with Bonnie Ross below:

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