Hellboy Reboot Movie Poster

Hellboy has received it’s official rating today from the ‘MPAA‘ and of course, they have revealed that the movie will definitely be ‘R’ rated.

They weren’t lying to us when they said that this film would be vastly different to Guillermo Del Toro’s live-action interpretations of the previous Hellboy movies as we can expect to see a lot of blood, gore, violence, and strong language. Recent screenshots of the reboot are looking hella cool!

The Motion Picture Association of America ‘MPAA’ will only give out ‘R’ ratings for films that involve “strong bloody violence, gore throughout and strong language.” So we can expect to see Big Red giving off some harsh language whilst punching his way through a splintered skull marinaded in a pool of its own blood.

Director Neil Marshall, whose previous work includes The Descent and Game of Thrones, will be at the helm of this bloody reboot whilst David Harbour, ‘Stranger Things’ star, will be playing the iconic role of Big Red himself, Hellboy. Hopefully, Hellboy can turn the audience’s heads around this time to get a better response at the box office.

After a decade since Hellboy 2 by Gulliermo Del Toro, times have changed and the anti-heroes are a lot more well received by the public of today, this could work well in the devil’s favour.

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The Hellboy Reboot will be out in theaters on April 12, 2019.

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