Horizon: Zero Dawn is celebrating its second anniversary announcing over 10 million copies sold worldwide with all it’s new and devoted fans.

Guerrilla Games Director, Hermen Hulst, made the announcement on the PlayStation Blog saying that in two years the game has amassed the 10 million milestone and all thanks to its huge fanbase including devoted Guerilla Games fans and the new fans the game has attracted overall.

Hermen Hulst revealed a few details about the game through the PlayStation blog, interesting facts such as starting the game concept ideas back in 2010, randomly coming across the main actress when watching TV on a sick day from work and using her face as the model, and finding the voice for baby Aloy by using a staff member’s three month old child to make the noises. All these random tidbits and new information were shared to show how the creation of something now so beloved came to be.

Although further development of more unique sounds for the robots included Chihuahua barks and around 750 bird sounds which sounded different based on the time of day and what the weather was like outside at the time. The game even had it’s own spin-off board game made with help from its fans over on Kickstarter.

Horizon Zero Dawn Screenshot

For more information on what we thought of our time with Horizon: Zero Dawn – ‘The Frozen Wilds’, feel free to read our review of the beautiful but dangerous open world action adventure here.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is out now exclusively for PS4.

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