Have you ever fancied yourself as something of an explorer when playing games? A digital tourist in an artificial world? An intrepid adventurer across many dimensions and spaces? If so, Noclip is certainly for you.

The new site – named after the video game cheat command which allows the first-person player character camera to pass through walls, props, and players – is an open-source project, led by developer Jasper St. Pierre and it endeavors to shatter the fourth wall in some of your favorite videogames.

The site allows users to view several familiar levels – including character models and animations – from a new perspective to better understand how they were brought together. Additionally, you can even explore the out of bounds spaces of these maps meaning that you might just learn something new about your favorite games.

Via the assistance of a model viewer, users can explore data-mined maps and levels from a swathe of Nintendo titles including Super Mario GalaxyThe Legend of Zelda: Wind WakerSuper Paper Mario, Mario Kart WiiBanjo-Kazooie, and Splatoon. The site also contains a few selections from non-Nintendo offerings such as PsychonautsDark Souls, and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

Additionally, during his time on the project, Jasper has collated something of a visual scrapbook of the sites he’s seen and explored all of which is available on his Twitter page, here.

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