Little Friends: Dogs & Cats is an upcoming title that hopes to be the spiritual successor to Nintendogs and cats, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Remember Nintendogs? The little pet owner… sim (?) which launched alongside the first Nintendo DS? Well it’s making a comeback for the Nintendo Switch in the form of Little Friends: Dogs & Cats.

This upcoming virtual pet simulator will have players choosing from a handful of puppies and kittens to play with, look after, and even dress up. How adorable is that? Mom might have said no to a real dog, but she can’t say no to a series of virtual dogs, right?!

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats will feature animals each with their own personalities and can be trained to do tricks, play with their favorite toys, or even taken to flying disc tournaments to compete! There are also over 600 accessories for players to bling out their prize pooch (or kool kitten).

You can check out the trailer for Little Friends: Dogs & Cats below:

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