Story of Season Trio of Towns Artwork

Marvelous has just recently announced that it will be developing a mobile Story of Seasons game with the help of Tencent Games.

Marvelous will be providing the intellectual properties of the farming sim series–things like characters and unique game mechanics–while Tencent will be doing the legwork with developing the game. Tencent will also be in charge of game operations and game distribution.

At this time, neither Marvelous nor Tencent has elaborated on their plans for the Story of Seasons installment, though Marvelous’s announcement seems to imply that although they are interested in expanding their global market with their mobile games, they are especially interested in tapping into the Chinese market. This makes sense, as Tencent is based out of China.

Fan response is mixed at the moment, as some are concerned that the development of a mobile game will get in the way of the development of a mainstream Story of Seasons game for the Nintendo Switch.

At this time, there has been no timeframe announced for the development and release of the upcoming mobile game.

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