Hey, you! Yes, you! Did you like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch? You know, the interactive choose your own adventure style episode? Did you think it was lacking the option to make a grown man drink his own urine? Then do I have good news for you! Introducing, You vs Wild!

Premiering on Netflix and hosted by survival show legend Bear Grylls, You vs Wild is looking to increase viewer engagement by allowing them to decide which course of action to take, in turn determining whether or not Grylls declines or prospers in various adverse situations.

With 8 episodes scheduled, the series will explore environments ranging across jungles, mountains, deserts, and forests; ensuring you’ll be equipped to survive no matter what crazy scenario you end up finding yourself in.

It will be interesting to see just how the show works. As opposed to something like Bandersnatch, being stranded in the wild often presents more than two options to choose from at any given time, Grylls will have to be wise in presenting choices to not come across as condescending or cruel.

In addition, half the fun in making the wrong choice in the grim Black Mirror episode was seeing the consequences of your morally abhorrent selection. If You vs Wild just say, cuts to a close up of Bear explaining why that choice would lead you to trouble, there’s a risk this concept will end up missing out on fulfilling its undeniable potential.

You vs Wild is set to launch as soon as April 10, with all 8 episodes being available immediately. Better get your hiking boots out the garage!

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