Marvel has finally released a second trailer for the next installment in the MCU, this one is the big one though, the one we are all waiting for. Avengers: Endgame.

The trailer rolls in at just under 2 and half minutes and as always Marvel has not given us any revealing information. Pretty much a whole minute of it is old film clips from Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and Infinity War. The only difference is they’ve put those past clips in black and white and kept all the red in color for more dramatic effect.

So apart from the past clips, you may be wondering what else is in the trailer of note. We can see a proper look at Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye, or should I say Ronin? With his new mohawked, badass look, alongside Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow going back to her red-haired ways.

We can also assume that Tony Stark and Nebula make it back to Earth as we see them both in the Avenger’s new white uniforms at the end of the trailer. So what are these new uniforms? Well rumors say that they’re for hopping around in the quantum realm. It was already mentioned in Ant-Man and The Wasp that there are time vortexes in the quantum realm, so there could be potential for time travel in the movie.

The only other thing to note was Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel appearing at the end of the trailer with Thor approving of her. Nothing of a game changer there. Alongside the trailer, a poster was also released showing the survivors of Thanos’ snap. If you take a close look at the cast list you can see Jon Favreau and Benedict Wong on there, who play Happy Hogan and Wong. Wong we saw in Infinity War briefly before he scarpered back to the sanctum and Happy we haven’t seen since Spider-Man.

Are the trailer and poster enough to get you by until Avengers: Endgame? It should be for now, and as we’ve seen from Marvel in the past, don’t always trust everything you see in the trailers or marketing materials. The film is released in the UK on the 25 April and 26 April in the US, not much longer to go!

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