With little over three weeks until Shazam is released into the cinemas, Warner Bros. has tried whetting our appetite with a 3-minute extended sneak peek.

In the clip, Billy Batson (Zachary Levi), already in the form of Shazam, is trying to find out what superpowers he possesses. The clip itself is a mere tease of what is to come from the film, whilst showing what type of humor the film is about.

Personally, I’m still unsure whether this clip has sold this movie to me or whether it is another misstep from DC. After all, the DCEU isn’t made of one-liners or made for laughs. It takes itself quite seriously, so a film like this might come across a bit flat in that universe.

Still, I could be completely wrong and it might be a game changer, we only have to wait until the 5 April to find out.

Check out the extended clip below:

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