Overwatch introduced its “endorsement” system last summer, in an attempt to tame the community. According to a recent chat at GDC, the system has worked beautifully.

The inclusion of the endorsement system within overwatch has cut overall disruptive behavior by 40 percent, Blizzard researcher Natasha Miller revealed at GDC.

Speaking at the event, Miller gave us an insight into how Blizzard has used the implementation of social features to help promote positive behavior within the title.

“We wanted to give them a chance to change their behavior after we penalized them,” said Miller. “How do we go about preventing these behaviors? We did research in the form of focus groups and surveys.”

To expand on this, the endorsement system is a way in which players can endorse their team and opponents, with a level attached to encourage good behavior. The system tracks this level and the level is sustained through continued endorsements, as Miller described.

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“If you’re not consistently getting endorsements, if you slip up, you’re not going to get endorsements and your level is going to slip. This often causes players to want to get that level back and keep going, which offers a path to redemption.”

The system really seems to be working too. Miller ended her talk with the stats, claiming that between 50-70 percent of Overwatch players were giving out endorsements, leading to a drop of 40 percent in disruptive matches.

It certainly seems to have helped. Just hopping into a game you’ll notice a far nicer environment than you would 12 months ago. What do you think? Do you actively seek those endorsements in Overwatch? Or would you like to see more being done? Let us know in the comments below!

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