Diablo fans, rejoice. Path Of Exile is finally set to launch on PS4. Missing its original deadline of December 2018, players have finally been gifted a new date, March 26.

Obviously, PC players have had the game for a fair while, with Path Of Exile launching in 2013. Sony continues to prove it’s for the players by having the exclusive console launch… two years after Microsoft

Grinding Gear Games are also planning to launch Path of Exile’s latest expansion Synthesis, on PS4. This update will bring about a whole host of new content to the action RPG and continue the grind for epic loot for hours on end. New gems, items, and a rebalancing of sorcery spells are a few examples of the changes the update brings.

The game begins with the player’s choice of Exile and features seven classes and nineteen subclasses. Character customization, weapon crafting and enchanting all add the to Path of Exile’s intricate gameplay.

The free-to-play title plays a lot like a Diablo-esque game which led to it becoming a hit with fans of the series, whilst maintaining a uniqueness in its own way. Check out the PS4 release trailer below and see for yourself why there has been an urge of eagerness from PlayStation fans to get their hands on the title.

Watch the announcement trailer for Path of Exile below:

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Path of Exile releases for PS4 on March 26, 2019, it’s currently out now for PC and Xbox One.

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