Void Interactive has released an extended gameplay trailer for their upcoming SWAT Simulator, Ready or Not, and I’m so bloody excited.

I remember the first time I experienced SWAT 3, I was pretty young, but I loved it. I loved being able to plan our execution before getting out on the field, I enjoyed the slow, tactical pace of the game before it exploded into a fierce firefight between me, my three AI companions and the enemy.

Ready or Not hopes to capture that same magic by bringing heavy tactical strategy to a co-op first-person shooter. As Judge, an elite member of the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) division tasked with planning, executing, and hopefully diffusing intense hostage rescue missions.

With a focus on realism, Void Interactive has consulted with global police teams to create realistic rules of engagement and a scoring system to offer challenging gameplay. Not only that, the game features bullet physics such as ricochet, ballistic penetration, as well as Kevlar and plate dynamics.

It genuinely looks like it could be the next big tactical shooter. What’s more, it features single player modes, co-operative modes, and of course PvP.

Check out the extended gameplay trailer for Ready or Not below for a closer look.

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Players can pre-order Ready or Not now, either via the Standard Edition ($39.99) which gives players the full game and beta access in June 2020, or the Supporter Edition ($119.99) which gives players the previous two things, plus Alpha access in August 2019, an FBI HRT Pack, as well as a 25% discount on the first DLC.

Both versions of the game can be purchased on the game’s website along with more information on the game’s features.

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