Remedy's Control Screenshot E3 2018

Remedy has announced the release date for their upcoming action game, Control, following its initial leak.

The release date for Control leaked earlier this week after the Xbox Store listing went live a little early and rather than denying it, Remedy confirmed that it was indeed true. Control is set to launch this Summer on August 27.

Control is Remedy’s latest title following the Xbox One exclusive, Quantum Break. Control will share the same Northlight Engine, however, it’ll have no other ties to the time-bending title. The game is set to offer an open world for players to explore as Jesse Faden who herself comes with a series of supernatural powers.

“I have a sign on the wall by my desk that says ‘No Time Travel’ so we just point at it periodically to remind people,” said Remedy’s Narrative Lead Anna Megill to n3rdabl3 in an interview. “There were so many other really cool and fun things we could do with this game and it was time to explore those. So yeah, I don’t think, y’know… Jessie’s powers are pretty damn cool even without time bending.”

This will also be the first of Remedy’s later releases to be a multiplatform release, or at least not a PC/Xbox-only release, which is pretty good news for PlayStation fans who have missed out on previous releases.

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