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GameInfomer has revealed that the upcoming thriller action game from Remedy, Control, will be launching this Summer.

Announced at E3 2018, Control has players take the role of Jesse Faden as she attempts to get to the bottom of supernatural things that have happened during Jesse’s whole life. The game features impressive dimension-bending abilities, as we saw in the game’s first trailer.

However, players won’t be fighting against a human threat, something otherworldly is at large and changing the world as Jesse knows it.

It all sounds pretty neat, right? Well, it looks like it may be coming sooner than we thought. The release window of Summer puts the game in a pretty interesting window, especially considering during June, July, and August, we see very little in the way of new releases.

Remedy's Control Screenshot E3 2018

We could see Control launching in Early June, though it’s more than likely set to be a mid-August early September release, as June is host to E3 and it’ll be a bit of a surprise if Remedy launches the game during E3 – though it’d definitely be a big surprise.

As always, this is just speculation, for now, Control has the release window of Summer 2019. You can learn a little more about Control via our interview with Narrative Lead Anna Megill from E3 last year.

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