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Want to feel deep feelings of unease, if not outright fear, even when your PlayStations and Xbox’s are off? Mondo, in association with Death Waltz, has you covered–they’ll be getting the iconic soundtrack from Silent Hill 2 onto your record players later this year.

It appears that the soundtrack will consist of two records total, one a bloody red and the other a smooth white. There are 30 tracks from the game altogether. The Silent Hill 2 collection will cost $35 and will ship worldwide.

Along with the second soundtrack, pins of Pyramid Head and Robbie the Rabbit from Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 will also be released around the same time, at $10 each.

Finally, Mondo will be re-releasing the first Silent Hill‘s soundtrack on vinyl in honor of its sequel’s soundtrack’s release. This set also consists of two records, and, special for the rerelease, will come in a white pressing.

The records and related items will go live on March 6 at 1 PM EST, 6 PM GMT. All items are “expected to ship late March 2019.” For more information on the records and Mondo’s other offerings, check out Mondo’s site here.

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