Following Google’s announcement of the Stadia streaming service yesterday, more information has surfaced on what we can expect from the upcoming platform.

Yesterday, Google unveiled its “next generation” gaming platform Stadia, a streaming service to end all gaming streaming services. During the keynote, we heard many buzz words and claim which people are pretty skeptical of. Now, thanks to an interview with Kotaku, Stadia head, Phil Harrison has detailed some of the requirements for the upcoming service.

While Stadia is offering a network like no other, with over 7500 edge nodes based across the world, the player will still be required to connect to the platform using their own Internet connection. In the interview, Kotaku asked whether slower Internet speeds would be supported. “To get 1080p, 60 frames per second, requires approximately 25 megabits per second. In fact, we use less than that, but that’s where we put our recommended limit at,” Harrison revealed.

This is pretty interesting considering the current national average broadband speed in the United States sits at 9.1 megabits per second according to The New York Post. As for the UK, that speed is slightly higher at an average of 10 megabits per second according to Ofcom. Putting this into perspective a little more, according to Atlas&Boots, the global average broadband speed sits a little under 10 megabits per second.

Of course, averages are degraded slightly by rural internet speeds, but considering 10Mbps is the average across the globe, asking for a minimum of 25Mbps is slightly worrying.

Stadia Controller Screenshot

Another interesting revelation is that players looking to play Stadia on their TVs via Chromecast will be required to use the Stadia Controller, which is an interesting caveat considering Harrison claimed during the Keynote that players will be able to use any controller to play on Stadia.

“In order to reach our Chromecast, you need the Stadia Controller,” he revealed. Players will, however, be able to use any controller via USB on PC. This is, of course, is a bit of a kicker when at the event Google made it seem pretty simple enough to switch between any platform, seamlessly. What they didn’t state was that in order to do this with the best experience possible, you’re likely going to need a Stadia Controller.

Currently, there are no details on pricing for Stadia or the Stadia Controller other than that it’ll be launching in the US, Canada, UK, and most of Europe later this year.

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Anthony Kees
Anthony Kees

Did they actually say 25 was the minimum? It seems they said the "recommended" for "1080p" was 25. But I also seem to remember Phil Harrison saying 720p would be the lowest offered resolution.