Since 1999 fans of the System Shock series have been suffering through a cold turkey detox of the harshest sort. After Night Dive Studios’ devastating postponement of their reimagining of the first System Shock we are yet to see a full release featuring our favorite malevolent AI. OtherSide Entertainment might change that sooner than we all hoped for.

During this years GDC Unity keynote speech we were treated to a new System Shock 3 teaser. To say we have never seen the series this pretty would be a vast understatement. The in-engine footage reveals several returning elements. We get to see horribly mutated as well as mechanically enhanced humanoids, crazed robots and an ill-tempered SHODAN, menacingly proclaiming “There is nowhere to hide.”.

Unfortunately, not even a rough estimate of a release window has been announced. With the original’s remake aiming for a 2020 release there is still a chance we might see the sequel beforehand. In my book, the more System Shock the merrier, add to that the fact that Warren Spector himself is the creative director on the upcoming sequel and any PC gamer that’s been around since the turn of the millennium should be getting all giddy in excitement.

Catch a glimpse of the futuristic terror right here.

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