Terrorarium, a game of wanton destruction and “adorable gore” is set to launch into Early Access on March 20, developer Stitch Media has announced.

So uh, I don’t know why I wrote that particular title, but the press release had two images, one of which looked like a little cock. So that explains that. But hey, now I’ve caught your attention, let’s take a look at Terrorarium, a game where players create murder gardens, for little Moogu.

Moogu are the aforementioned little cock mushrooms by the way, and they’re the latest plaything for the player, a “space granny” who’s hell-bent on winning the blue ribbon from the Intergalactic Horrorcultural Society. Controlling a little army of Moogu, this dumb invasive species can be manipulated to meet their untimely deaths.

It’s up to the player to build a creative little Terrorarium that has Moogu wander aimlessly into pits of lava and other mad creations. Hell, players can even develop mini-games in their Terrorariums which can be shared with other players.

It’s just one big gore-filled deadly sandbox.

Check out Terrorarium in the below trailer, and check out the game’s Steam page where you can wishlist the title before it launches into Early Access on March 20.

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