It was less than a month ago when Tetris 99 appeared, a strange but wonderful blend of Tetris and Battle Royale. If you told me at the beginning of the year, I would have laughed and said it wouldn’t be possible to mix these two things together. I would have been miserably wrong!

Dataminers had previously suggested that there were plans to add new modes and host tournaments. The ‘Maximus Cup’ is the first of these, which kicked off earlier today and is running until 10 March 11:59pm (PST)/2:59am (EST), and for those of you in the UK, it’s until 11 March 6:59am (GMT).

There are actually two separate tournaments running – The ‘Maximus Cup’, which is for North American Tetris 99 players, and The ‘Grand Prix’, which are for those in Europe. Although they are near enough identical, they do have slightly different rules.

In the North American variant, players will have to notch up as many Tetris 99 wins as they possibly can. If they make it in the top 999 players they get 999 worth of Nintendo points, which if you can guess is worth $9.99.

The difference in the European one is that you only need one victory to get entered into a random prize draw in which 999 players will be selected to win 999 Nintendo points. If there is less than (almost improbable) 999 players with a win, then you’d be guaranteed those points!

Well, what are you waiting for? Grab your switch and get on Tetris 99 and try and get that one win you’re waiting for! I know I will be!

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