Be sure to keep your valuables close, as Thief Simulator makes its way onto Nintendo Switch at some point in 2019. By far and away the biggest title from indie developer Noble Muffins, the game was originally released for PC last year.

Naturally, Thief Simulator places you in the shoes of a burglar in an open world suburban area, with the objective of making a profit through nabbing other people’s hard earned possessions.

Within the town, you can perform reconnaissance and gather information about your potential targets, with higher security properties housing more valuable loot, which you can sell to upgrade your own equipment for future heists.

Truth be told, it does look fun, in the janky way that games with ‘simulator’ in the title often do. There’s a limit to what you can carry, the animation is a little clunky yet endearing, and the cars look to control like they’re on ice rinks. But come on, who doesn’t want to cat burgle a mansion before hot-wiring a sports car to evade the police?

The game is set to be released in the second quarter of the year, being expected to cost around $19.99, if the PC version is anything to go by.

Check out the original Steam trailer above; you’ve still got a couple of months to purchase a balaclava!

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