Developer Frozenbyte has released the first trailer for Trine 4 and announced that it’ll be launching alongside the Trine: Ultimate Collection in Autumn.

The fantasy puzzle-platformer is back and returning to its original 2.5D roots continuing on your co-op quest as a thief, a knight, or a wizard in a world full of fantastical magic and dangerous beasts.

Following on from the short announcement made in October of last year, Frozenbyte has now released screenshots as well as a gameplay trailer for all the fans to see. The trio of heroes will be leaping around stages, solving mind-boggling puzzles and fighting the many mystical creatures that roam the land with their unique and different abilities.

The good news is that the Trine: Collection will also be launching this Autumn. The Trine games I have played have always had a very fun and warm atmosphere about them. Simplistic puzzle games to solve with your friends and a nice amount of action for you all to enjoy, it’s a game that you can all casually play and have fun with, which I think is what a lot of AAA games are missing nowadays.

Watch the announcement trailer for Trine 4 below:

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Trine 4 will release on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & PC in Autumn 2019.

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