Twitch has this week launched its new Squad Stream feature which allows up to four streamers to live stream at the same time.

The service, announced at TwitchCon last year, has finally made an appearance and is available for Twitch Partners on the platform right now. Squad Stream displays a feed of all perspectives in a single window, with the channel’s host having the most real estate on-screen.

Viewers will be able to do this from a single tab rather than opening up multiple, in addition, viewers can switch between streams throughout.

As for setting up a Squad Stream, streamers who are Twitch Partners can activate via the dashboard. The feature is, of course, optional to viewers as those watching Squad Streams can simply switch back to the single view.

Twitch has also released a dedicated tag for Squad Streams for those who solely want to watch multiple people playing the same game.

There’s currently no word on when this feature will roll out to the wider Twitch audience, but as soon as it does, why not check out our channel for some upcoming Squad Streams.

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