Type Knight is an upcoming game which has players control the titular Knight by typing to defeat enemies, and it looks pretty damn great, too.

Currently in development, Type Knight is the brainchild of chaikaDev over on itch.io and challenges players with typing words in order to defeat the enemy. Now, we’ve seen this before with Typing Dead and recently with The Textorcist, but this one features a stunning pixel art aesthetic.

Much like the aforementioned games, players must quickly type letters above enemies heads in order to swing and take them down. Currently, enemies vary somewhat, with skeleton warriors, bats, and a specter-like character who, in order to take down, players are required to type a more complex word which appears above the Knight’s head.

While it’s early days, Type Knight has the potential to be something pretty damn great, it features endless replayability, a handful of different and unique enemies, and when you meet your end, you’re presented with some pretty interesting statistics (such as words per minute).

There are also some pretty interesting customizations available in Type Knight allowing players to import their own scripts. So if they fancied importing in some of the longest words in the English language, they can.

Oh, and did I mention that there’s currently a demo over on itch.io that’s completely free to play? I’d definitely recommend checking it out.

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