Not-quite-64 million years in the making have led to the creation of Universal Studio’s latest dinosaur-related ride, Jurassic World: The Ride. And we have just recently gotten a hint of what’s in store.

Like the Jurassic Park: The Ride park feature that came before it, Jurassic World: The Ride will still have water ride elements and animatronic dinosaurs. Which makes sense, as this new ride is taking the place of the old Jurassic Park ride, and has been described as a “reimagining” of the twenty-two-year-old ride.

Supposedly, Jurassic World: The Ride will feature an original story set in the park as depicted in the latest films, though we don’t know whether it will be the vibrant park of the first Jurassic World film or the creepy ruins seen at the beginning of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

The ride will also feature some dinosaurs that only just arrived in the franchise with the Jurassic World films. There is also a hint that “ground-breaking technology” will be featured in the ride, but what that will be, we don’t really know yet.

There will also be smaller, related features, such as a “Raptor Encounter,” where guests can “meet” Blue and the other raptors from the film. An interactive, educational feature will also show children how to excavate and investigate dinosaur fossils.

According to Universal Studio’s website, the ride will open sometime in summer 2019.

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