Warhammer: Vermintide 2 will receive its first full-blown expansion titled Winds of Magic this summer. In it people can expect to find loads of content for the co-op Warhammer Fantasy title.

Set to drop in the summer, Winds of Magic will expand Vermintide 2 with a completely new enemy faction, the Beastmen, who will challenge the players in fresh ways. Additionally, a new kind of endgame, more difficulty options and new weapons to carve the heretic masses will be included.

At this point, Winds of Magic will not add new maps, instead developer Fatshark will focus on expanding the game with so called “Weaves”, which will be remixes of existing maps with additional modifiers and specific objectives. The difficulty will increase virtually endlessly, providing content until players will not be able to progress because it will simply be too hard to do so.

Until we can slaughter some beasty bois we’ll have to be a bit more patient, a release date for Winds of Magic has not been announced yet, neither was a price point.

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